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Resin insulation dry-type power transformer
· features of Resin insulation dry-type power transformer
· Tech data of 10kV SCZ(B)9 series resin insulation dry-type power transformer
· Tech data of 10kV SC(B)10 series resin insulation dry-type power transformer
· Tech data of 10kV SC(B)9 series resin insulation dry-type power transformer
· Tech data of 10kV SCZ(B)10 series resin insulation dry-type power transformer
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Products Name features of Resin insulation dry-type power transformer

Features of Products

   With the advanced technology brought in from overseas, we developed SC9, SCB9 series and SC10, SCB10 series padding thin-
insulation dry-type distributing transformer whose winding is sealed up with epoxy, therefore the resin insulating dry-type transformer is
flame-retardant, explosion-proof, free from maintenance and pollution, and it is compacted and can go deep into load center. Besides,
with scientific and reasonable design and coating craftwork, it has advantages of low partial discharge capacity, Iow noise, good heat dis-
persion and it can run over a long time with 140% rated load in the circumstance of cold wind. It applies intelligent thermal controller and
has the functions that it will alarm when there is fault or the temperature is exceeded and switch off as well as the function of "black box". It
can be monitored and controlled by connecting it to the computer through its RS485 serial interface.
    Therefore, it is widely used in the places such as hotel, restaurant, airport, power plant, hospital, skyscraper, shopping center,
and residential areas and other adverse environments like subways, smelt and power plant, ship, offshore drilling platform, etc.



  The iron core adopts imported high-quality cold-rolled silicon-steel plate and
three steps fully-inclined echelon joint form. The colligation of the core adopts the
F grade non-latitude belt and its winding enveloped by epoxy resin cast. The non
-load loss and non-load current, core noise are reduced. The outlook of the
product is improved by special treatment of the surface of fasteners and clamp pieces.

High-voltage winding

High-voltage winding applies vacuum pouring of padding epoxy resin which,
at high level, reduces partial discharge capacity and elevates the electric strength
of coils. The inside and outside of the winding is buildup with glass fiber grid overlay
which strengthens the mechanical robustness and improves the resistance of
short-circuits and ensures the coils will never crack.


Low-voltage winding

Low-voltage winding applies the structure that
winded by copper foil which solves the problem
that the axle would point to the helix angle when
winds and make the ampere-turn of winding
distribute evenly. Meanwhile, the coils applies
axial fan which improves the heat dispersion.
Between the layers of winding, it applies DMD
epoxy resin preliminary dip cloth and makes it
whole solidification forming.

Production technology

            The coil can be wound on the high-accuracy winding machine, the Iow-winding adoption the structure
that the winding by cooper foil. Firstly, to cast grass fiber around the external and internal of the
windings, there designed to be armed air passage for transformer of large capacity. Afterward, to vacuum
dry it. The whole casting and solidifying process completely to carry on an operation according to the
craft request, and see a circumstance to carry on adjustment. The precise process ensures free bubble
and free hole of winding, make the transformer for making into attain superior quality circulate result.

Temperature control system

It applies crosscurrent top-blow cooling fan which has characteristics of
Iow noise, high wind pressure and good looking, etc. the fan improves the overload
capability of the transformer. The intelligent thermal controller improves the
reliability of the operation of the transformer.

Protect Shield Cover

The shell makes further protection for the transformer. For users option, the
grade of protection has IP20、 IP23, etc. And the material has sort of cold-rolled
steel plates and stainless steel plates, etc.
The Iow-voltage outgoing line can adopt the method of standard bus bar
group outgoing line, outgoing on the transverse side and upper part as well as
the very method that designed by the users.

lead type of transformer


It can produce routine lead type,standard closed busbar lead type and standard side lead type,also special lead type according
to the customers’demand.


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