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· Tech data of 10kV SGZ(B) 10 series on-load requletion H-grade insulation dry-type power transformer
· Tech data of 10kV SG(B)10 series H-grade insulating dry-typepower transformer
· Environmental protection dry-type power transformer
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Environmental protection dry-type power transformer
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Features of Products

  SG(B)10 type-this series Dry-type Distributing Transformer has strong withstanding of thermal shock, overload capability. Beside,
it has many good points such as flame-retardant, Iow-loss, and Iow partial discharge capacity, Iow noise, no harmful gas and no
pollution. It is insensitive of humidity and dust, compacted, no crack and so it is easy to be maintained. Therefore, it is suitable for
the using in the adverse circumstances of high requirement for fire protection, high degree of load fluctuation and dirty, moist,
such as airport, power plant, metallurgy, hospital, skyscraper, shopping center, and residential areas and other special
environments like oil, chemical industry, nuclear power plant, nuke, etc.




   The iron core applies imported high-performance cold-rolled grain
-oriented silicon-steel plate and it applies 45° fully-inclined joint form.
Between the layers of winding, it applies flexible fastening device and
makes no-load loss and noise Iow.
The iron core surface is dealt with special craft which makes the
noise Iow and the iron core rustless during running.
The iron core is clamped by tensile rod and no punched hole. The
upper and lower clamps are connected by drawplate and fixed with
the base. By fixed with flexible pad and cushion structure, it makes
the winding of lower vibration and noise.


HV,LV Coil materials









  The high-voltage and Iow-voltage coils are made up of
Nomex insulating material and dipped in solvent-free
immersion paint many times by VPI vacuum pressure device
and is solidified by high temperature baking. The high-voltage
coil applies continuous mode structure of high mechanical
strength and good heat dispersion, avoiding step-shaped
multilayered drum type structure which makes high voltage,
Iow heat dispersion, easy to be thermal runaway and Iow
mechanical strength. It is therefore that the reliability of the
product is ensured. The Iow-voltage coil applies foil or strong
current helix structure of longitudinal air flue. After dipping,
the coil has a good moisture proof, impacting resistance and
no chapping, no partial discharge. It can be decomposed
and recycled.

Shield Cover

  We could provide the shell of protective grade IP20 and IP23,
if it is required by the users.
  IP20 configuration of transformer prevent foreign matter
whose diameter is bigger than 12mm from entering into the casing;
and IP23 configuration can also prevent water whole angle to
vertical line is less than 60~ from drenching into casing. To ensure
the ventilation of cold air, the base plate and the top of the shell are made up of mesh plates.

 Over-thermal Protection

   Take thermal safeguard for coil. SG10 dry-type transformer of 315KVA or above employs
a set of protecting device----temperature displayer. This device uses the temperature sensor
which stays deep in the Iow-voltage wingding as signal source for displayer. When the
temperature of Iow-voltage wingding varies, the temperature displayer will show the new value.
According this temperature, it will control and alarm to protect the transformer.

 Over-load Ability

   SG(B)10 series dry-type transformer adopts new structure,
material and new craftwork. It has good points of good heat
dispersion, long thermal endurance and extensive strong
overload capability. It can work under 120% overload or work
over a long time safely and reliably. Under the situation of IP23,
it can run overload over a long time without fan to cool.


  SG(B)10 type-this new kind of product is now the dry-type transformer of highest security performance.
All the insulating material.is flame-retardant, self-extinguishing and non-poisonous. Its combustible
material only takes less than 10% of the epoxy resin product. No poisonous gas is produced when it is
burning over a long time unler high temperature of 800~C. And with this feature, it overcomes the shortage
that epoxy resin would produce poisonous gas when it is burning. It reveals the superiority when the new
type product is used in electric power, subway, shipping, chemical industry and metallurgy where is hot,
damp, of bad ventilation and require high security.


   With special coil design, craftwork and material, SG(B)10 type product has good feature
of moisture proofing, mold proofing and salt mist proofing. And it has good thermal impact
resistance, no chap and no partial discharge.
  The insulating system based on Nomex can always keep the best state of electricity
performance and mechanical characteristic during the entire period of usage of transformer.
Nomex material is not easily aging, of good flexibility and of contraction withstand as well
as resistance. Therefore, it can ensure the transformer keeping the coils of compacted
structure and able to withstand the voltage of short-circuit after many years of usage.

Excellent Dampproof

   Nomex insulating system dry-type transformer can
sufficiently prevent the invasion of moistrue.
  It applies the advanced VIP equipment and vacuum dipping
  With high-quality impregnating varnish that approved by UL, it
can keep running over a long period under 180~C or higher temperature.
  Nomex paper is entirely peretrant dipped by immersion paint.

 Volume smaller, weight more light

  SG(B)10 type product applies Nomex paper of Du Pont for main
insulating material and takes it as the mixed insulating system in the
hottest place of transformer. These make the product more compacted
and lower weight when comparing with the epoxy resin cast transformer
of the same capacity.

Environmental protection

  SG(B)10 type product can be decomposed and recycled. Epoxy resin
cast transformer is made of dry resin and glass fiber which can not be
decomposed after its useful period and pollutes the environment. However,
this product is made to meet the need of market and solve the problem.

Outgoing wire

  The outgoing terminal of the high vulgate coil in fixed in the top of the winding, and its tap
ping head is connect with the middle of the winding. As power off, it will adjust the output
voltage by changing connation head.
The out going terminal of the Iow vulgate coil is board conducting electricity line which is
welded by cold pressure and connected with outgoing line by bolt.


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