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· Tech data of 6kV KBSGZY series dry type mining explosion isolation movable transformer substation
Tech data of 6kV KBSG series mining explosion isolation dry type transformer

· Tech data of KS9 series electric transformer
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Products Name Tech data of KS9 series electric transformer

Features of Products

   As one kind of distributing transformer for mining use, KS9 series transformer has many advantages, such as compacted body,
reasonable structure, Iow in spoilage, good in heat-dispersion and, easy to go into a well.
  This series of product adopt high-permeance cold-rolled grain-oriented silicon-steel plate of high-quality. The iron core applies
echelon form iterative accumulation. The core pole which is multilevel circular cross-section can ensure of Iow noise and Iow spoilage.
The structure of gasoline tank is very firm. Both side of tank are welded with cable junction boxes of high and Iow voltage which are
used for wiring. High-voltage loops need tapping voltage that is ±5% of rated voltage. It is using the tap switch to change the voltage.
When the voltage exchanges, the power must be cut off fist, then unveil the wind-rain cover on the tap switch to counterchange the
voltage. The Iow voltage side of the transformer can be connect the type’Y’ of 693V or the type "D" of 400V to supply power. And
inside the cable junction box has a secondary terminal which educes six insulators for users’ option. The joint hinges that welded
on the casing are available and drawing crow-plate is mounted beneath the base. There are mounting holes in the drawing crow-plate
used for being addly-installed with mine-car’ contact roller whenmine needing.

Practicable Confines

  The oil-immersed distributing transformer is applied to the capacity 630KVA or below, and the voltage
10KV or below. This product is normal one which has norequirement of explosion - proof. The main function
of the product is for mine illumination when distributing power for mining as well as for the driving power.
This series of transformers will not need lift-machine examination after transportation. It is allowed to
assemble the unshipped spare parts for checking and acceptance.

Comply Standards

Standards for this series of product:
GB1094.1~2-1996, GB1094.3,5-2003, GB/T6451-1999, GB12173-1990o

Using environment and working condition

1、The installment highly does not surpass elevation 1000m,the special environment gives the explanation in addition;
2、Ambient temperature:
  Highest air temperature +40℃;
  Highest daily average air temperature+25℃;
  Highest annual average air tempera ture+20℃;
  Lowest outdoor air temperature-20℃.
3、The surrounding air relative hurnidityis not bigger than 95% (+25℃when.
4、Installs under the mine pit although has the coal dust, the gas ,but non-explosion hazard place;
5、The supply voltage profile is approximate to the sine wave;

Type Meaning


Tech data of KS9 series electric transformer



Loss no-load
weight outline dimension
no-load load machine






Yy0-d11 0.17 0.87 2.0 4 230 80 390 1200*950*900
80 0.25 1.25 1.8 310 100 530 1300*950*950
100 0.29 1.50 1.6 360 110 600 1300*950*1000
125 0.34 1.80 1.5 425 120 690 1300*950*1000
160 0.40 2.20 1.4 480 140 810 1350*950*1040
200 0.48 2.60 1.3 580 170 955 1400*970*1080
250 0.56 3.05 1.2 670 180 1100 1450*1000*1100
315 0.67 3.65 1.1 775 240 1305 1500*1000*1150
400 0.80 4.30 1.0 9340 280 1570 1600*1050*1150
500 0.96 5.10 1.0 1155 300 1790 1650*1050*1200
600 1.20 6.20 0.9 4.5 1310 345 2150 1650*1120*1220

mining examination certificate sertal number


name type certificate number certificate issuer
mining transformer



coal industry Shanghai electric
explosion-proof examination station
KS9-250/10 204041
KS9-315/10 204042
KS9-400/10 204043
KS9-500/10 204044
KS9-630/10 204045
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