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Features of Products

  The three-phase oil-immersed distributing transformer applies new type insulating structure and makes short -circuit resis-
tance strong. The iron core is made of high-quality cold-rolled silicon-steel plate. High-voltage winding group is made up of high-
quality oxygen-free copper lines and it adopts multilayered drum typestructure. All fasteners have been processed with
special treatment to prevent them from loosening.
  As high-tech product that promoted by the country, the product has many advantages such as highefficiency, Iow loss.
Its social benefits are remarkable that it will save much of electricity consumption andoperating cost.

Reliable Structure

  With the fundament of traditional frames and proved techniques, our company made a great improvement,for instance:
we employ spiral loops with longitudinal oil path to produce a better interior cooling effect;
  we improve the effectual support of the loop’s terminal face to strengthen the anti-short circuit electricity capability;
  we employ new suspending structure and instrument-positioning frames to guarantee that the long distance transport
and movement will be more reliable.
  In addition to those above, we have lots of novel and dependable frames that wait to serve you.
  We are sure that, when you choose more advanced transformers, you will enjoy greater technique intensity.

Excellent Materials

  Because we use oxygen-free copper lines of lower resistivity, which will become smoother and burr-free after series of addit-
ional surface treatment, so the load loss of our transformer is lower and the electric performance is better.
  We use high-quality silicon-steel plates which are of lower unit loss, and the no-load of the transformers is lower.
  We use high quality wooden laminating insulation pieces, which won’t split or move even under the influence of short circuit.
  We use thoroughly filtrated transformer oil containing less water, gas and impurities, which makes our transformers work better
We use high quality rubber sealing material, which can prevent the transformers from aging or leakage.
  All raw materials has passed the quality testing, and all the raw material factories has pass through the national standard
ISO9000 inspection.

Good Technology And Economic Performance

   Compare with S7 series product, S9 series product reduces the no-load loss by 10%, load
loss by 24% and no- load electric current by 46%; as a result, the operating cost will drop by 19%.
Improved from S9 series product, Sll series product reduces the no-load loss by 30%; no-
load electric current by 70-85%; average temperature by 10K; noise level by 2-4 db; and double
the products’ service life. Even under 20% overloads, it can also work for a long period of time.

Sealed Tank (M)

  The "M" in S11 (M) R- stands for omniseal structure that the oil tank employed. Compared with comm
on oil-immersed transformer, omniseal oil-immersed transformer taking off oil storage cabinet adopts wing-
like corrugation for replacing oil tube as component of heat dispersion. The corrugated oil tank which is made
up of high-quality cool-rolled plates isproduced on the special produce lines. The wing-like corrugation will
expand and compressas that the volume of transformer dose, so that the transformer is separated from the
atmosphereand can prevent or slower deterioration of oil and breathing of insulation. All these ensure the
reliability of operation and without maintenance.
After the treatment of deoiling, derusting and parkerizing, the surface of corrugated oiltank is coated
with paint which can provide rain-proofing, damp-proofing and salt haze-proofing. It is suitable for the use
in the environment, such as metallurgy, petrochemical industry and mining, etc.


The "R" in Sll (M) R- stands for ribbon-wound core. It applies Iow-loss cold-steel plate of high-
quality. It has high degree of mechanization and it is not necessary to shear and punch which eliminate
horizontal and longitudinal power connection of traditional iron core. So it secures lower no-load
current to make the level of transformer’s reactive-power loss and noise lower which can conform to
environmental requirements. With monolithic type iron core and compact coil, it has further short-
circuit resistance.

Transformer Standards

GB1094.1-1996 GB1094.2-1996 JB/T10088-2004
GB1094.3-2003 GB1094.5-2003 GB/T10237-1988
GB/T 6451-1999 GB/T7595-1987 JB/T3837-1998

Transformer Service Condition

The height above sea level is below 1000m;
Ambient temperature:
Highest air temperature +40℃;
Highest daily average air temperature+30℃;
Highest annual average air temperature+20℃;
Lowest outdoor air temperature-25℃.

Transformer special service Condition

The height above sea level is above 1000m;
Ambient temperature:
Highest air temperature +40℃;
Lowest air temperature -45℃;
( defines in detail when placing an order )

Transformer Type Meaning


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